Unearthed by Sweet Dreams @MiBelovedSelf (Twitter)

UnearthedSculpture B_W MiBelovedSelf

By the wind

The sands of time
Releasing her
From their grip

She is peacefully still
All her senses
Desperate to recall her origin
Her very essence

She stretches her stiff
Ancient body
So long buried
Instinctually reaching
Her arms
Up to the stars
With gratitude
For the kiss of life

Given to her by the night breeze,
Her body re-infused with life
Brushing the dirt from her skin
With a hungry fervor
That makes it
Glow with radiance

She stands

Not the woman she once was
Not quite the woman she will become
She is
Once again whole,
With the knowledge
That she will
Be buried


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