Dark Poetry: Delirium called Life

Another wonderful work by Patty, a must read. TY


Delirium called Life

Delirium called Life

A mind wandering through the catacombs of sanity

Deprived of all humanity

Longing for the merciful death so eagerly

Reason torn up by strife


Feelings swept away by hungry madness

Overgrown by consuming coldness

Demanding the last heartbeat so anxious

Going berserk in overdrive


A soul being drenched in unescapable death

This lifeless story been read

Hoping for that ever ending last breath

Mistakenly still alive


Senses roaming through blinding emptiness

Filled with horrifying absurdness

Of a deserted life liven in pitiful loneliness

A place no one can survive


A heart beating steady on the rhythm of hatred

Bloodless thoughts, sick and twisted

Painful, destructive sorrow that never ended

In this ongoing delirium called Life

– Just Patty –

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