TRUE LOVE by HastyMom


I didn’t really know my Grandparents very well, I mean… I did lots of fun things with them but to sit and talk with them and get to really know them isn’t something I ever got to do.  They both died in their early 60’s when I was barely 20.  So I am left with home movies, still pictures of them and the stories I heard my mom and her siblings tell.

My mom, HastyMom, sent me this piece she wrote yesterday.  Every time a friend or family member sends me something they wrote I feel like I am getting to see something new inside of them.  This is a story my mom wrote about my Grandparents, a story she wanted to preserve.

The pictures are of my Grandparents.

True Love 002

True Love 004

True Love 003

When she was young and full of dreams she caught the eye of a Dr’s son.  She was only 17 and…

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