Knowledge Is Power- Is Not Knowing English A Sin?

A Shade Of Pen

“When you read this lesson, you will be understood”

“Yes, look here… No talking between the three of you”

“Don’t be disturbing while I taught”

No, I haven’t gone insane… But these are some of the well picked lines spoken by some of our high esteemed professors back in college… Heinous grammar, I know!!

I can vividly recall passing a million giggles because come on it’s like someone butchered English… We even mimicked them after all you do not expect college students to be saints.

However, years down the line I have realized, THIS ISN’T A MATTER TO BE LAUGHED AT.We don’t have English as a first language and some of the professors though highly qualified and knowledgeable have learnt the lessons in their mother tongue which could possibly be Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi and innumerable other dialects spoken in different corners of India… Everyday, they learn something new…

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