Love is in the air…..or is it?


We all know that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and though most people celebrate this special day, some actually chooses not to. I for one don’t really like celebrating hearts day on February 14 as I find it really cheesy! Hahahaha! 😀  I honestly do! My fiance and I celebrate Valentine’s Day but on a different day, either before or after. I don’t really like going to restaurants that day as I feel funny about it and end up just people watching and giggling which could totally be annoying to other couples who are having a romantic dinner. It’s happened before (don’t worry, I didn’t upset anyone) that’s why a dinner on Valentine’s Day is a no-no for me. Going to the movie  theater is another thing that I avoid on Valentine’s Day and again, it’s because I find it really cheesy! No offence to anyone and I…

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