The Minding

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


It is a Scottish word.
In normal usage it is ‘a small gift given as a token of goodwill’.
Yet in certain circles it has taken on a different meaning.
A Reminder.

He tells her to choose a piece of jewellery. She knows that, if it were possible, he would have bought it for her himself. But their circumstances do not allow it.

Instead she sifts through her jewellery box, seeking something discreet. An item that will pass without comment from those close to her. She chooses a bracelet and slips it on her wrist. She holds it up to the light and is pleased with her choice. Strangely it seems newer, more elegant, more stylish. The metal shines, the small gems glow. It has taken on a power of its own.

It is then she realises she is excited. There is a light tug in her lower belly. A…

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