Eat Your Way to the Bank!


Subscribing to Huffington Post via Facebook is probably one of the worst decisions I’ve made this year! Well, probably not worst but a part of me feels that way as I’ve been spending WAY too much time reading articles after articles and watching videos and looking at photos of super cute animals or babies or something of rarity…jeez! I could go on and on and that’s what happens every time when all I intended to watch or read was the most recent post shared by  this so-called Internet Newspaper”. Anyway, after spending a good two hours (yes, 2 hours…on a weekend…I need a life! LOL!) browsing their site I stumbled upon this article about a woman from South Korea who makes $9,000 a month by eating in front of a webcam! Seriously! She makes that much money a month and all she does is eat in front of…

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