My blogging friend Arthur Browne, a blogging celebrity, is having a party.  A commenting party.  He has invited everyone so head over to this place right here and leave a thought, a lament, a praise, or even better: the most creepy comment you can think of.  Don’t worry he won’t report you…he will love it. He is trying to break some sort of commenting record.

I remember watching The Brady Bunch and the girls decided they wanted to break the worlds record for longest period on a teeter totter.  Anyway, lost inside the nearly 1,000 comments we wrote a few poems.  We decided to write in full view of the commenting world.  Here is poem 1 of several being written.

Copy of 8d0edf0cb96c11e2844022000a1f9adf_7

Written by Arthur Browne and HastyWords

Lines etch every corner

They are the road map of my life

Scratching stories into valleys

Eroded by rivers of tears

A timeline…

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