Say hello to The Enchanted Mind a new duet partner.  Sometimes poems write themselves so quickly because both bloggers relate to the sentiment so well.  This poem was that way for me.  Please visit her and say hello!


Written by The Enchanted Mind and HastyWords

Romance held me

Deep within its trance

Singing deep tones

Warming my bones


It became my elixir

And you were the drug

I got so addicted

There was never enough


Your emotions I inhaled

Sending me higher than high

Kisses melting into skin

Caresses causing me to fly


I would sell my possessions

For just one more touch

You had me moving so fast

And now I’m locked up


Psychedelic dreams swirl

As I try to disconnect

From all the promises you left

My heart and brain to dissect


While my skin crawls with fever

A lingering sickness of the…

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