This duet was hard for me to write.  I was given some thoughts to go with and they were heartfelt and real.  So I hope I did the thoughts justice.  My heart reaches out to you AJAYTAO and the many cancer patients you give your love to everyday!


Life keeps waving goodbye to me

Signaling to me it’s nearly my time

Each chapter written is full of last lines

That don’t feel like they are written by me

Here comes a song full of blue notes

Singing melancholy into my heart

Making me feel low on every count

These days, farewell sings louder

Its chords keeping my happy at bay

Pulling me into forgotten shadows

It keeps beating my lively away

Loosening my grip on this life

One solemn and desperate pulse at a time

My health fades slowly limiting me

My job suffers, from my instability

My soul aches…

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