Write Love Every Day 365


To write you love every day ~ 365 Days
Ten Reason Why I write About Love
Only xxx rEAsoNs LeFt
Day 13

141.I love how you are always concerned about me & my well-being

142. I love how supportive you are of me and the things I do


143. I love how you talk about our future

144. I love the way you inspire me to learn and improve my french


145. I love your courage.


146. I love how respectful you are.


147. I love your imagination

148. I love your ability to bounce back even from the roughest of situations

An anti-apartheid demonstrator is dragged off the Twickenham pitch, 1969
149. I love how I always miss you

150. I love how you look at me

Move On

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Living Without You


Living Without You

Inevitability Hinging on Doubt,
Paradox of Patience, Entirely Without
Fear or Perception of what may Be,
Only Discerning You Should be with me.

Soul of my Soul,
Breath of my Breath,
Living without You,
Like drinking in Death.
Heartbeat of Heartbeat,
Sigh of my Sigh,
Standing on Loneliness,
Questioning Why.
Desire of Desire,
Passions Burning Flame,
I feel You Intrinsically,
We are the Same.

Inevitability, Heedless of Doubt,
Paradox of Patience, Entirely Without
Fear, Understanding what will Be,
Destiny Waiting, You Will Be With me.
Beautiful original artwork by: girltripped at deviantart.com

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Daily Prompt: By the Skin of Your Teeth

“There are seconds, they come only five or six at a time, and you suddenly feel the presence of eternal harmony, fully achieved. It is nothing earthly; not that it’s heavenly, but man cannot endure it in his earthly state. One must change physically or die. The feeling is clear and indisputable. As if you suddenly sense the whole of nature and suddenly say: yes, this is true. God, when he was creating the world, said at the end of each day of creation: ‘Yes, this is true, this is good.’ This . . . this is not tenderheartedness, but simply joy. You don’t forgive anything, because there is no longer anything to forgive. You don’t really love — oh, what is here is higher than love! What’s most frightening is that it’s so terribly clear, and there’s such joy. If it…

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5 Tips on What to do when your marriage is in trouble.

Shanpagne's World

Since my husband and I got married in 2009 it seems everything in the world has been against us and trying to rip us apart, finances being the biggest issue of all.  Coming into this marriage I already knew that he had financial obligations to his ex wife and would for 10 yrs, but then when he retired from serving 20 years in the Air Force he couldn’t find a job anywhere.  While he was out of work his ungrateful greedy ex wife (who was still getting half his retirement every month) threw all of those obligations into the court system and our lives into hell.  So now he has enough in arrears that he’ll be paying her another year in addition, maybe more and it’s even harder for me to see that light at the end of the tunnel.  

Another problem we have faced is trying to have…

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A Day in the Life



Ok so Admittedly I haven’t had a natter in quite some while…just a blatant, nope, I don’t really have anything in particular to say but Im going to say it anyway kind of ramble, so for those of you ( you know who you are!) who enjoy these forays into the surreal ( or the insane, depending upon your point of view), Here you go 🙂  Here I am!  Sitting at my laptop with a tummy that is rumbling because its lunchtime, but Im concentrating on what Im writing ( which in this case is absolutely nothing, more or less) rather than whether or not Im hungry, because my “hunger” for words is far greater than any ravenous gnawing might be in the pit of my stomach (well, maybe not ravenous…after all, I did have my customary glass of soy milk for breakfast and my protein snack bar mid morning)…

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I quit you cold turkey

I’ve done it before

And each time I failed

I’ve been told

It is dangerous

But this time I said

 I feel strong, confident

I can feel the strength

Inside myself for once

But now I feel it…

The zaps forming

The electrical pulse

Of my body missing you

For the first time

I am scared, worried

That I am doomed

To be forever

Connected to you

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Dark Poetrics: My December


My December

Note: The lyrics always stay the property of the band or artist who wrote them. All the credit goes to them.

My poetry is written in Black, the Lyrics are written in Blue.

Part of the lyrics of ‘My December’ by Linkin Park

This is my December

This is my time of the year

This is my December

This is all so clear

This is my December
This is my snow covered home

This is my December

This is me alone

And I

Just wish that I didn’t feel

Like there was something I missed

And I

Take back all the things I said

To make you feel like that

And I

Just wish that I didn’t feel

Like there was something I missed

And I

Take back all the things that I said to you

And I give it all away

Just to have somewhere to go to


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Cheesecake Cookie Cups


Shanpagne's World



Found this recipe at Nestle… man it looks yummy..

Cheesecake Cookie Cups

5 out of 5 169 ratings

15 mins
25 mins
60 mins
24 servings

These individually-sized dessert cups are handy for entertaining.



PREHEAT oven to 325° F. Paper-line 24 muffin cups. Place one piece of cookie dough in each muffin cup.

BAKE for 10 to 12 minutes or until cookie has spread to edge of cup.

BEAT cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, eggs and vanilla extract in medium bowl until smooth. Pour about 3 tablespoons cream cheese mixture over each cookie in cup.

BAKE for additional 15 to 18 minutes or until set…

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In Space
This Time
In Rhyme
With Ribbons
Of Light
From Night
In Darkness
This Brilliance
To Glow
Shines Brighter
In Shadow
The Speed of Light
Too Slow.
In Space
This Time
Dancing in

Beautiful Photograph found at: apod.nasa.gov

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