So I got dumped for the first time…

Finding Honeybees



The Beginning:

I recently had my first ever adult relationship. I am 23 years old so I guess I am a little bit behind but I have to admit I am a pretty picky person.  It really was a whirl-wind of a romance I think we skipped the seeing each other phase and went straight to dating.  This was partially due to the fact that I was leaving for Europe for 2 months so we packed in as much as we could in a short time. Before I left for Europe we had been together for 2 and a half months.  The few months before I left were some of the greatest in my life.  I finally felt like I was part of a club that everyone else had been in I was able to understand what some of being in a relationship felt like.  We survived the 2…

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Ch. 1 The Chat Box Dominant: Diary of a Broken Me #ASMSG #Erotica #SEP

Penelope Jones

Diary of a Broken Me: Lessons within Lessons

by Penelope Jones



Cum for me, Princess.

I read the text message over and over again from you. My body shudders even as I think about it, again. Maybe I should start at the beginning, rather than at the end?

Yes— I shall start there, and then you will understand.

I never expected a chat-box to become my entire world, or should I say the online version of being owned, yet somehow you have made this my reality. You— who I flirted with just like all the rest. You— who I never thought twice about until you sent that first personal message. Since then, I have thought about nothing else. You have wormed your way into my life, and my heart. No matter how hard I fought to keep you out, you were one determined S.O.B.

Me— the girl who…

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Run with purpose



I ran for the numerous times my head was held under the bathtub faucet and then over the furnace vent. I ran for the kick to my throat. I ran for the shoves, hits, pulled hair, name calling, and I even ran for the sexual abuse. I ran for my brothers and sisters. I ran for the hundreds, thousands, of children, who like me, have been abused or neglected. I ran on behalf of those who are too afraid to speak up. I ran for those who have. I ran for those in need of a special advocate, someone who will help fight for their well being, their soul, their life.
I ran in support of the dedicated staff and volunteers of CASA. These special people share their precious time to stand up for the abused and neglected children who need an extra voice, extra hands, and unconditional love.

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