I asked God and This Is What I Received…

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Soul Healing Art

I Asked God

I asked God for strength-
I was given trials
So that I may realize
The strength that lay within me.

I asked God for forgiveness-
I was given wounds
So that I may realize
The forgiveness that lay within me.

I asked God for hope-
I was given challenges
So that I may realize
The hope that lay within me.

I asked God for passion-
I was given failures
So that I may realize
The passion that lay within me.

I asked God for union-
I was given isolation
So that I may realize
The union that lay within me.

I asked God for peace-
I was given suffering
So that I may realize
The peace that lay within me.

All these and more
I asked for
And God provided
That I may know-

The strength, passion,
peace, hope, and love
within me.

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Question To My Readers

Tragedies often bring out extremes in people. Sadly it brings out Trolls, Bullies, and Scammers. Beware of all these. They have no moral compasses, nor compassion for others.

My Daily Prompt Blog

Night time half staff


Before I begin let me express a prayer to the families in the Oklahoma region of our Country.  
A sincere thank you to all the volunteers who have come forward to assist during this time.


I had a slight dilemma today with an issue and I still do not understand the meaning or purpose.  Perhaps someone from my reader nation can explain.

Without going into deep details, an incident occurred where a point was being made about a subject.  The subject went astray, as does happen at times.  
Then a certain point had to be made by a person.  This point was cruel, mean, unthoughtful, totally not necessary.  
It was made with contempt, almost as if to be mindfully hurtful when made.  There was no thought as to how much it had hurt the guest of the home even when it was pointed out.  The…

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Sexy Short

Raw and sensual


She was exactly where he told her to be. The center of the bed, her face down and her luscious ass in the air. Hair unbound as requested, a sea of dark curls spread across her back and the bed. His palms tingled with the  anticipation of wrapping it around his fist.

She was naked, also by request. He could see every freckle, scar and tattoo from here. He would be tasting them later. Numerous times.

He heard her intake of breath as he approached the bed. He could smell her scent. The subtlety of her perfume masked by the smell of her sweet pussy. His pussy. He ran a finger from the nape of her neck to her ass. He watched the goosebumps rise on her flesh. So responsive.

“You listen well, little one. Good girl.” He bent and kissed her shoulder, smiling when she sighed in pleasure. He…

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She Waits

Beautiful, full of feeling.



She waits for you
Head bent low
In ethereal silence
Her needs grow

She waits for you
To lift her chin
Calm the chaos
She hides within

She waits for you
On the swings
She needs your strength
To lift her wings

She waits for you
In the pale dawn light
Give in to the feelings
You can no longer fight

She waits for you

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Sweet Slumber

Beautifully done.

Buttercup's Bullshit

I go to sleep in daylight

Tossing and turning waiting for sweet slumber

I’ve been awake all night thinking of you

I lie on my back and stare at the ceiling

I close my eyes hoping

Wishing…….to dream of you

I’m picturing you here so clearly…

Then you appear as if by magic

Smiling your sexy smile

My chocolate brown eyes look up at you

You slide your body on to the bed, resting yourself between my thighs

Your hands follow the curves of my body


Fingertips find my neck and trace my collar bone

Biting my neck and shoulders, marking me as you go

Sliding to my breasts

You gently suck each nipple then lightly nibble

You whisper “Did you miss me beautiful?”

“Yes baby, I missed you so much” is my breathy response

Your hands glide down my chest and stomach searching

Until they find their home

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Angel Warrior

Angel Warrior

Feathers lost in battle,

Knowing the war wages

Rest is never enough

As he flies onward

Farther from his Love

Daily he must think

When will it end?

Is today the day

I fight no longer

Or just another phase?

Good’s battle against EVIL

Together he frees them,

His fears of losing.

Onward he flies higher

To see more clearly.

He cannot lose again.

He has ONE chance.

Born to become this

Angel Warrior to fight.

Today is last stand

Forever in his hands.

Fighting to join Her,

His love in Eternity.

She waits for Him

Longing to be One

Together for all time.

Michael is his Name

Archangel is his Fate.

Failure not an option.

Into Eternity, her arms

He flies, she cries

Joyous, a final reunion.

Together again, Forevermore, Finally