A Day With You

Work and real life just seem to cut down on the number of REALLY JOYFULL days like this.



I wake in the morning. All of you on top of all of me. Body on body, skin on skin. Your heartbeat pressed to mine. Your love weighing me down deliciously. Beautifully.


We savor our time in bed. Relaxing, planning our day. Looking forward to spending quality time with each other.


Solitude. Our time. Beautiful waters. Gorgeous weather. Holding hands and kissing as we love under the sun.


Hold on tight. Don’t ever let go. See how perfectly they fit? Yours hands were made to hold mine.


After a long day, our time isn’t over. It is just beginning. Time to get clean…so you can get me dirty.


My little one. On your knees for me. I can feel your pulse racing. I will fuck you hard. I will love you harder. Always.


See my mark. Feel my mark. You belong to me. Mine.


Feel me little one. Feel my…

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