May 20th 2013 – An F5 tornado killed 24 people of which 10 were children.  Nearly 400 people were injured and, last I heard, 12-14 thousand homes were destroyed.  A large majority of the homes didn’t have even one wall left standing.  The tornado was nearly 1.5 miles across at its widest and was on the ground for almost an hour for 17 miles.  Can you even imagine that?  I live nearby and it doesn’t even compute for me even though I saw the aftermath first hand.

If you have lived in Oklahoma for a number of years you have probably witnessed Oklahoma coming together as a community on several occasions.  If there is one thing we do well it is organizing disaster relief; both natural and man-made.  According to FEMA we have endured 74 Presidential disasters in the past 60 years.  This post is dedicated to all my…

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