Nicely, heartfelt


Written by Sean Bidd and HastyWords
Written in support of the Moore community

Heavy was the weight
Of the building storm
Roaring rain screamed
Angry clouds barked
The black sky fell
Scouring the hard earth
Land rendered muddy dust
Nature at her most depraved
Our freedom laid waste
Do you hear them fall?
As the unbelievable fades
The tears of the brave, the lost
In a place torn asunder, twice
Terrorized faces within chaos
With a will to survive
Heads held up, brave
For the children
We do what we must
Harsh circumstances
The reality of life
Confronts each of us
Weakness is devoured
Our mindset, survival
Yet, patience testing every thread
These long waiting moments
Seeking lives short of time
The whole world waits for good news
Needing all the positive we can get
On into the night’s darkness toil
Sounds of victory and…

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