Finding Your Writer’s Voice

Joanne Wadsworth

Random Picture Alert — This was too cute not to share. And even the baby and cat have a voice. 🙂

Before I jump into covering the header’s topic, stay tuned, for at the end of this post, I’ll be announcing the winner of my draw in last week’s blog hop. Thank you so much if you commented, or took the time to “like” my facebook author page or sign up to receive my blog via email. I loved that. And lastly *jumping up and down with excitement* for those who bought PROTECTOR in its opening few days–Wow! I’m beyond thrilled you did. It’s the most amazing experience to have my debut novel release–it means the world to me that you’ve joined me for this ride.

And in case you missed PROTECTOR’s January 7th release date book links, here they are for your complete convenience. 🙂 Yeah, no problem. I don’t…

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