OctPoWriMo – Friday Fantasy – Final Spell

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Final Spell

Willows Whisper in muted Tones
O’er the graveyard’s Hallow Groans,
While the Pale Moon Silently Sails
The Midnight Hour where Darkness Prevails.

Was that the Stir of Some Ghostly Spectre?
Here Upon this Unkempt Hectare
Do the Wails of Mournful Souls Resound
On this Night when They Roam, Unbound?

Shadows Ripple, Light Shifts and Bends,
Echoing Wails as the Witching Hour Ascends,
Ribbon of Moonlight upon the Darkling Road
Where Underworld Denizens Taunt and Goad.

Scrambling, Groping for a dimly Lit Path,
I Come Again Under a Spiritual Attack
And Cry and Plead for an Exit Most Needed
Before the Foul Ghouls will have Succeeded.

Ebon Night Resounding round
As the Earth moves with rumbling Sound,
Feel the Icy Grip of Mortal Fear
E’en as Glowing Matin draws Near.

With One Last Breath, I Cry to You
To Act with Caution and Beware of Fools
On Halloween, They’ve Caught Me…

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Sea Me

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ocean reflections

As autumn greets me every morning with a chilled embrace, I long even more to walk upon a shore, inhaling the salty air that soothes my restless thoughts and turbulent emotions.  It is quickly approaching the time of year where my soul hibernates into the darkest corners of my rural abode. But for now, “sea” me as I am in the light.  

I have spent too much time contemplating my love for the ocean.  I have sifted through hundreds of adjectives that encompass the smells, sounds, tastes, sights and touches of my beloved sea and yet, I still fail to capture its essence. The tides mesmerize me. The timeless journey of the sun from breathtaking sunrise to stunning sunset amazes me every day. The infinite diamonds that adorn the Atlantic waters beckons my piratical ancestry. And that breeze, the seductive caress of Poseidon’s mythological breath seizes my imagination. This…

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