my life day-to-day

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For the next unlimited number of Blogs, I am going to walk you through my life living in chronic pain on a day-to-day basis. Those who know me understand that I don’t discuss my health issues for pity, sympathy or attention. I talk about it because it’s a huge part of my life whether I want it to be or not. I discuss it to help others who are dealing with the same hurdles. To inform. To educate. To be matter-of-fact. To explain. NOT to get pitied, babied or fawned over.

my life day-to-day

In the blink of an eye my life changed due to chronic pain. Being betrayed by my body was awful. It’s a battle I may never win. And yet, I fight it day after day. It wears me down. Even if I try to ignore it, the energy it takes to do so is exhausting. On my…

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By DebraDML

Across the bar I observe you
My eyes become aroused by the sight
I flush when you turn
And see me
Wondering now…
“How to keep things simple and light?”

Then I feel your touch upon my delicate skin
As you’ve found your way over to greet me
The warmth you radiate
Is intoxicating
It saturates deep
Beneath my surface within…

Leaning in so your breath is upon me
Your voice has my heartbeat amiss
I close my eyes
Digesting the moment
Breathing in
Your beguiling scented mist…

We spend an eternity talking
Till you offer to walk me on home
Lacing the strength
Of your fingers within mine
Then head out
Into a new fall of snow…

As we walk, talk and rekindle
Under the canopy
Of a beautiful night
My senses
Are savouring every morsel
Of your masculine bodily delights…

Before we know it
We’ve reach…

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Pat’s Pondering — Evil

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Is evil found only in man or does it exist as a separate force, “The devil made me do it” question of many generations? Do we create darkness with our minds sending out animated thought forms of evil, or are stories of fallen angels, conspiracy and controlling aliens true?

We are repulsed, yet titillated by stories of dark deeds. Book shelves and news broadcasts are full of stories of serial killers, brutality, evil schemes. Can we get sucked into this damnation by reading books or watching news reports, violent movies and video games? Must we leave our heads in the sand?

I keep trying to withdraw from all of this but find myself drawn back again and again. I spend many days in the peaceful seclusion of the floresta, yet people and circumstances filled with darkness keep coming into my life.

Are they drawn to the Light or is there…

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