Pieces of Me

Originally posted on reflectionsoffire:

No one really knows me
I don’t allow one single person
in the whole wide world
or even in my immediate circle
to see me, the whole picture
They are only granted glimpses
fragments of the whole
sections, parts, pieces
only what I allow them to see
I show them what they want to see
what each one can handle
Because not one damn one of them
could handle, control or even face
the unbridled complexities
of my wild and burning soul.

by ©Amanda Lea Browning

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Originally posted on myredabyss:

beyond good and evil

kissing the lipless no longer

I want it to snow so we can make snow angels and forget

about every useless thing

breathing is the solution

becoming one with desires and dreams

autumn lovers

doing it how it should be done

breaking down the walls

breaking away from





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