To whom it may concern: #ASMSG #Poetry

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To whom it may concern;

There were so many things I tried to say

You distract me, made me laugh,

and I forgot, it’s not OK

OK? Yeah right…

I was a toy for you to tease and torment

dangling by your strings, my body limp

Each time you spoke, I was conditioned to dance

my phone chimed, and my heart leapt with a prance

Why do I care so fucking much?

You don’t deserve such

I’m living in a state of an altered paradox

The only thing keeping me grounded…

My stripey knee-socks

I have no idea what you wanted from me

I wanted to ask, but would you see?

See that I needed to know…

Not knowing was driving me mad

Was that your plan?

Were you glad?

Have I been had?

Was this all a little rouse?

I was destined to lose?

Was it rigged from the start?


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Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Done

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Our ten-minute free-write is back! Have no mercy on your keyboard as you give us your most unfiltered self (feel free to edit later, or just publish as-is).

I am counting the days until the very first Hello Kitty Convention in the world which is going to be held at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo beginning next Thursday, October 30th. The event also coincides with Hello Kitty’s 40th Anniversary. I am super excited and grateful that my fiance surprised me with tickets for the convention as he knows how much I love Hello Kitty and that I’ve been a fan since my childhood days. I’ve also decided to dress up for the event since it’s around the week of Halloween and I’m so excited to wear my costume! :D I won’t spill the details about my costume right now but will share…

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there will be rain

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there will be rain
storms that leave you spent
there will be days
when you wonder
what it meant

there will be sickness
when you long for days of well
there will be death come
within the place you dwell

there will be submission
you think you failed the test
there will be hard times
when you beg to find some rest

there will be hard times
there will be sickness
there will be failing
but God I’m always thankful

there will be rain

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If I looked into the window of your life, what would I see sunshine or rain?

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photo by MichelleMarie

photo by MichelleMarie

If I looked into the window of you life, what would I see sunshine or rain?
If it were sunshine I ask you this?
When the sun is shining brightly into your life,
what does that feel like?
What causes you to feel as though your life is sunny?
Is it all the right circumstances and issues
coming to a favorable conclusion?
Is it the smile, laughter, and love of a dear one?

I wonder what makes you happy, content and causes you to say to yourself….
today is my day?
Perhaps there is rain, is rain a bad thing?
If it is raining in your life and quite possibly your heart?
Is this a cleansing, or is this rain of sorrow you feel and
you’ve grown accustom to the rain, like an old friend?

Rain is not a bad thing, it washes away the dirt, it

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Life Above the Mat – Civil Magic

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Screen-shot-2011-12-16-at-2.48.46-AM (2)

Life above the Mat, in the Launderette
At the Sultry Suds, it can be interesting,
Occasionally, enough.

I live above the Laundromat
It’s where I met my boyfriend at;
Where I meet all my friends,
My best friend too,
It’s where I fell in love,
Living life above.

It’s a place where we can share stories
And do more than just a load at time,
It’s a pub & suds if you’d like to pop in,
For some fun, sometime.

People come here to wash and buzz,
It’s close to where Jim Bob lives at,
He helps serve and drinks the malt and ales,
Helps for what ails you too, and anything else
If you might want to drink and talk about it.

Well, I have to rent a place, maybe it seems
I’m running out of room, but Jim Bob said,
“I could stay” or something like that

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The Picturesque Lake Ashi

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Happy Friday eve (that’s what I call Thursday :D) and Throwback Thursday (TBT) everyone! :D For my TBT this week, I’m going to share some of my favorite moments from my trip to Hakone a few years ago and I will start with my enjoyable experience cruising the picturesque Lake Ashinoko aka Lake Ashi.

Lake Ashi is a beautiful place! It’s one of those places that you would want to go to when you want to unplug and really relax because it’s refreshingly beautiful and serene. Lake Ashi or Lake Ashinoko is located in Hakone, a part of Kanagawa Prefecture in Honshu Japan. I was drawn to this place because of the torii gates that I have seen in some movies :). I was really intrigued by it and wanted to see it in person. Weather permitting, you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from Lake Ashi. You…

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